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Welcoming address from H. E. the Ambassador

Dear Madam, Dear Sir,

Welcome to the website of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium in the Czech Republic. 

The Czech Republic is a friend and partner of Belgium since it has joined NATO and the European Union, following the Velvet revolution of 1989. However, the territories that currently make up those two countries share much older historical links, reaching back to the Habsburg Empire, of which they were both part.

Then, in 1918, Belgium was one of the first country to recognize the independence of Czechoslovakia, one month after its proclamation. During the Second World War, the Belgian and Czechoslovakian governments both found refuge in London, to continue the fight with the Allies. Czechoslovakian soldiers have thus taken part in the liberation of Belgium, while Belgian soldiers participated in the liberation of Czechoslovakia. Later, Belgium hosted many Czechoslovakians fleeing communist repression.

Nowadays, Belgium and Czechia co-operate closely at political, economic and military levels. Both countries participate in building a strong and prosperous Europe, based on common values, eager for freedom and justice. On the international stage, Czechia and Belgium contribute to collective efforts for development, peace and security in the world. Their trade exchanges are rising steadily, and their relations in human terms become even more intense through tourism, culture and academic co-operation.

The mission of the Belgian Embassy in Prague is to work towards strengthening this co-operation. It also contributes, in support of the Regions of Belgium, to the development of trade and investment flows between the two countries. Last but not least, it provides Belgians residing in the Czech Republic with the administrative services to which they are entitled, and assists Belgian nationals passing through the country and who find themselves in distress.

I wish you a pleasant time on the website of the Embassy!

Grégoire Cuvelier